Product Development

  • Product ideation - workshops and scoping of product design

  • Product rollout - re-insurance negotiations, marketing strategy and communication plan

  • Peer review on pricing and design produced by the in-house team

Bancasurrance Distribution

  • Negotiating and setting up bancassurance partnerships including recommendations on governance and on-going performance management structure

  • Building out or enhancing the Insurance Specialist model for success

  • Workshops - role plays and sales process pain points

High Net Worth

  • Product design

  • Setting up of distribution (brokerage or in-house specialist)

  • Setting up of operations team - underwriting, case management and premium financing


  • Peer review of assumptions used in assessing appraisal or embedded value from a practitioner’s point of view based on product design, distribution model, underwriting practice and experience analysis

  • On the ground execution support for new acquisitions - identifying talents, blueprint structure for new organisation, integration of teams, new products and distribution rollout